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So, we went to two shows on the Albertane Tour. For us, the summer of 1998 was truly the Summer o'Hanson. And now you get to hear all about it. I probably should have posted this months ago, but oh well. It's fun to reminiss.

June 26, 1998: The highlights
  • We bought our tickets from a legal broker in NH, thinking we wouldn't be able to get good seats any other way. Guess what? We were right. The tickets cost an ungodly amount of money, (so ungodly, I've decided not to post the number.) and about two weeks after we bought them, the friendly broker man called to tell us that he had lost our tickets. The ones he replaced them with happened to be 10 rows farther back in the Great Woods pavillion than we had planned. On top of it, he moved us from the Taylor side to the Isaac side and told us it was an upgrade because they were closer to the center. Wow. I was so unhappy.
  • We made signs. Do you want to know what those signs said? Ok. I'll tell you. We made three and when held together, they read 'HERE'S THE LOVE.' Now, our show was the first date in the United States. Guess what? If you had a sign like that after June 26, you copied us and that is the end of the story. The other sign was the Meghan sign and it was of a MOE symbol and it had Christmas lights on it and Zachary saw it which made our night, heck yes.
  • It was the warmest day of this century thus far. When we got to Great Woods, there was a gigantic "line" (more like an odd, disorganized, ten person wide conglomeration) around the building. There was so little air, we looked around at one point, and there was not a single leaf in motion anywhere. It was truly surreal.
  • There were all of these frazzled Dads wandering around with slightly dazed looks on their faces murmuring things like "I've never seen anything like this before."
  • About an hour before they let us in the venue, there was suddenly a blond head spotted behind a fence. And then there were two more. The hair was decidedly pushed in front of the person's face to obscure them partially from the crowd. Was it Hanson? I think it was. Corinne thinks I'm nuts. Yet another secret no one knows…
  • I wore jeans. Do you have any idea what a bad scene that was? Put it this way, I stopped dancing momentarily during Minute Without You and realized that I had sweat literally, running down my legs. It was unpleasant.
  • The first person we saw onstage was Walker. We had a spit-flying, screaming, jump up and down spaz when we saw him. What dorks we are.
  • Stefanie bounced for two hours straight during Hanson's set. Seriously. She couldn't walk the next day.
  • We heard More than Anything and we all turned into small, gooey puddles of Massachusetts mush.
  • Ike was wearing pleather pants with Vans. Ike honey, I totally realize that the camera wasn't on you, so what's the incentive to be a fashion plate, right? But that was just an odd fashion combo platter and it sat weirdly with us.
Musical Memories of Note

  • singing Summertime Blues at the top of my lungs.
  • Mmmbop. Surreal moment #2 for the day.
  • Minute Without You. It was just a general party and Ike got his limelight and he was just so cute about it and dang I love that song.
  • The whole accoustic set. Specifially, I remember a) tearing up during With You in Your Dreams and b) the little girl in front of us who was no older than 7, who knew all of the words to Soldier and was shouting them at the top of her lungs, as if Zac was hearing every word.
  • Ike jumped off the riser. Like he did at every show. Dork.
  • The Introduce the Band riff that was just so cool and Tay played the drums and it impressed us and gave us more reasons to love him.
Bottom Line:

I want to go back. Now
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